Salisbury Steak – 1


IMG_20160212_181027If you want to be technical, this recipe is actually for phase 2 since it has a bit of lemon juice in it. I also don’t give details on how to make the gravy as my hubby is radically opposed to any non corn starch gravies I have come up with so far. I used packet brown gravy <forgive me>. Most recipes for this call for worcestershire sauce but since I try to avoid soy at all times I had to search for a soy free substitute. I found it and it tastes just perfect.

My friend Jen has made these and here’s what she said about how she did the gravy: “I made the gravy with some of the pan drippings. I caramelized mushrooms then added some water and cream with guar gum to thicken.”

Salisbury Steak – makes 4 steaks

1 lb ground turkey

1 large egg

1 tsp beef bouillon

4 shakes salt

4 shakes pepper

1/2 tsp minced garlic

1 Tbsp lemon juice

3 small shakes of hot sauce – I used Tapatio Salsa Picante Hot Sauce, main ingredient is red peppers


gravy additions

6 good sized mushrooms

a handful of frozen diced onion

IMG_20160212_164527Heat a few tablespoons of your favorite oil <I used avocado oil> in a skillet over a medium heat. Slice the mushrooms and toss them into the hot skillet. Sauté lightly, adding the onion when the mushrooms are half done. When you are finished sautéing remove the veges to a plate or bowl <I use a paper plate because I hate to do dishes>.

While the veges are cooking: In a mixing bowl dump in all the steak ingredients except for the meat. Beat it until everything is mixed well.

IMG_20160212_164342Now add in the meat and mix <I use a serving fork> until its all mixed in. At this point I smooth out the meat mixture, in the bowl, and then using my fork I cut it into fourths.




IMG_20160212_165306Once the veges are done: Form the meat mixture into oval shaped patties, kind of thick. Lay the patties in the hot skillet <add more oil if necessary>. Cook the patties until they are starting to brown then carefully flip them over and brown the other side.



IMG_20160212_170204Once the meat is browned on both sides, add half of the water or broth you will be using to make the gravy with. Toss the veges back into the skillet with the meat. Lower the heat, cover and simmer about 30-45 mins over a low flame.

Finish up the gravy <2 cups of gravy is perfect with 4 steaks> and let thicken. This takes another 15 or so minutes depending o how you do the gravy. Serve with steamed cauliflower <lightly buttered> or cauliflower mash.

I do not know how this will do with ground beef. You might have to increase the seasoning level as beef has a more robust flavor than turkey.

Have a happy!


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