Fun Food Friday – Crustless Pizza – 1

img_20160918_121351At my house we don’t just have dinner on fridays, we have Fun Food Friday! Which means we ONLY eat food we love for friday dinner. Some days that means burgers and some days that means chili. This week it means we have pizza and since I have very little room for carbs today, mine will be crustless. I do this because I just consider it wasteful to buy a pizza and then eat the topping while throwing out the crust and I really don’t like store bought pizza LOL.

This is super quick to make and since you do it yourself it’s really customizable. Everyone can have whatever toppings they like. One of these is not a meal to satisfy my hubby but he does think it makes a great light lunch on the weekend. Then again, he eats an entire large pizza in one sitting .

Crustless Pizza – 1

4 oz mozzerella

toppings of your choice

img_20160918_113057I used my large cookie/brownie pan so I could make 2 pizzas, one for him and one for me. Mine is the one without tomatoe. The first thing you want to do is line the pan with parchment paper. If you don’t have any then go with a naked pan. Don’t try to use a foil liner or you will end up with bits of foil in your pizza when you try to take it out of the pan. After lining the pan dump out the cheese and spread it thin. I use a rectangular shape  but you could do any shape you like.

img_20160918_113340Now that I have my base I will add my toppings. I added the meat first, we both chose to go with turkey pepperoni. On top of the pepperoni I added a very light dusting of dry grated romano on mine and dry grated parmesan on his. You need to remember that this is a crustless pizza when adding your topping. If you add too much weight then you can’t slice it and eat it like regular pizza. However you could always just roll it up if you think it is too heavy for slices.

img_20160918_113949Next I added the vegetables. He gets thinly sliced tomatoe and black olives while I prefer mushrooms and onions. In case you didn’t notice there is already 4 ounces of dairy in each of these so I won’t be adding any more cheese to either of them. That’s my entire dairy allotment for one day. Yup, you really need to plan ahead for this. Now we pop the pan into a 400F oven and bake until it just starts to brown on the edges. If you don’t let it brown a bit, the cheese in the center of the pizza won’t be melted.

img_20160918_120626Here’s what it looks like straight from the oven. Ok, not straight from the oven as I sliced it before taking this pic. As you can see I cut them into 10 slices each. Now you need to let it rest for a bit. No longer than 5 minutes as you want the cheese to be warm but not molten. While mine was cooling I nuked 2 small bowls of sauce for dipping. Once your pizza has cooled use a spatula, carefully, to lift the slices off the paper and onto your paper plate or a regular plate if you like to do dishes, which I don’t.


I know it seems kind of odd to point out how to make a crustless pizza but to be honest in the 6 years I have been doing low carb it only occurred to me to do this about a month ago. And I only know of one other low carber who does this. Two days after I did this the first time I saw a post by Lynn Terry where she mentioned that she does it too. Irony can be entertaining 🙂

Have a happy!

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  1. Cricket Fox says:

    Going to try this one


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