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Cold Seafood Salad – 1

Today I am cooking multiple things as I recently went shopping but I am only sharing one new recipe. While I used fake crab meat for mine you can use shrimp, crab or lobster if you prefer. I love a … Continue reading

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It’s June – Beef Tips with Mushrooms & Gravy – 1

Greetings and happy saturday people! Yes, I know I haven’t posted in a while but like I said before, I only post when I have new recipes lol. Todays pic is my beehive. I found it a few weeks ago … Continue reading

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Happy February! – Bacon & Veges – 1

Now that its over, let me tell you the end of December and the first half of January was not pleasant for me. I had the flu. I haven’t had the flu like that since I was a kid. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Dribs and Drabs – Beefy Mushroom Soup – 1

The weather has been rather nice lately. The heat of the summer is behind us and the cool, clear days of the fall are upon us. Heck it’s even rained a few times, which of course we need so desperately … Continue reading

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Vegan thoughts – Asparagus & Shroons – 1

Some days I have a few answers and some days I have a few questions. Today is one of the question days. Questions are a good thing. The more you ask the more you learn. My hubby and I refer … Continue reading

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