Fun Food Friday – Crustless Pizza – 1

img_20160918_121351At my house we don’t just have dinner on fridays, we have Fun Food Friday! Which means we ONLY eat food we love for friday dinner. Some days that means burgers and some days that means chili. This week it means we have pizza and since I have very little room for carbs today, mine will be crustless. I do this because I just consider it wasteful to buy a pizza and then eat the topping while throwing out the crust and I really don’t like store bought pizza LOL.

This is super quick to make and since you do it yourself it’s really customizable. Everyone can have whatever toppings they like. One of these is not a meal to satisfy my hubby but he does think it makes a great light lunch on the weekend. Then again, he eats an entire large pizza in one sitting .

Crustless Pizza – 1

4 oz mozzerella

toppings of your choice

img_20160918_113057I used my large cookie/brownie pan so I could make 2 pizzas, one for him and one for me. Mine is the one without tomatoe. The first thing you want to do is line the pan with parchment paper. If you don’t have any then go with a naked pan. Don’t try to use a foil liner or you will end up with bits of foil in your pizza when you try to take it out of the pan. After lining the pan dump out the cheese and spread it thin. I use a rectangular shape  but you could do any shape you like.

img_20160918_113340Now that I have my base I will add my toppings. I added the meat first, we both chose to go with turkey pepperoni. On top of the pepperoni I added a very light dusting of dry grated romano on mine and dry grated parmesan on his. You need to remember that this is a crustless pizza when adding your topping. If you add too much weight then you can’t slice it and eat it like regular pizza. However you could always just roll it up if you think it is too heavy for slices.

img_20160918_113949Next I added the vegetables. He gets thinly sliced tomatoe and black olives while I prefer mushrooms and onions. In case you didn’t notice there is already 4 ounces of dairy in each of these so I won’t be adding any more cheese to either of them. That’s my entire dairy allotment for one day. Yup, you really need to plan ahead for this. Now we pop the pan into a 400F oven and bake until it just starts to brown on the edges. If you don’t let it brown a bit, the cheese in the center of the pizza won’t be melted.

img_20160918_120626Here’s what it looks like straight from the oven. Ok, not straight from the oven as I sliced it before taking this pic. As you can see I cut them into 10 slices each. Now you need to let it rest for a bit. No longer than 5 minutes as you want the cheese to be warm but not molten. While mine was cooling I nuked 2 small bowls of sauce for dipping. Once your pizza has cooled use a spatula, carefully, to lift the slices off the paper and onto your paper plate or a regular plate if you like to do dishes, which I don’t.


I know it seems kind of odd to point out how to make a crustless pizza but to be honest in the 6 years I have been doing low carb it only occurred to me to do this about a month ago. And I only know of one other low carber who does this. Two days after I did this the first time I saw a post by Lynn Terry where she mentioned that she does it too. Irony can be entertaining 🙂

Have a happy!

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Cold Seafood Salad – 1

IMG_20160806_130710Today I am cooking multiple things as I recently went shopping but I am only sharing one new recipe. While I used fake crab meat for mine you can use shrimp, crab or lobster if you prefer. I love a good crab salad but I don’t like a lot of the crap other people tend to put in it so I have to make my own to be really happy. I love recipes like this since you can easily add or remove ingredients to suit your own preferences.

You need to prep this a few hours early or it will taste rather bland. The flavors need some time to ripen. I usually make it a day ahead of time. My hubby does not like seafood salad at all so this is a treat for me not to have to compromise on how I make it 😉

For those of you wondering why I chose some of the ingredients:

  • fake crab versus real crab – real crab is too expensive for my budget. I would only use real crab if we had gone crabbing.
  • celery seed versus fresh celery – I do NOT like celery but I don’t object to using it as a seasoning. Usually I use diced celery tops but I don’t have any right now.
  • dried onion flake versus fresh onion – fresh onion is too strong for a cold salad in my opinion but I do like a touch of onion flavor. The dried onion is much milder.

This recipe makes 4 servings.

Seafood Salad – 1

1 lb cooked seafood <I used fake crab meat>

4 hard boiled eggs

4 or 5 good sized mushrooms, sliced

2 Tbsp butter

2 oz shredded cheddar cheese

1/2 C mayo

1/2 C ranch dressing

1/2 tsp each of tarragon, celery seed and basil

1 tsp dried onion flake


Melt the butter in a skillet over a medium to high heat. Slice the mushrooms and toss them in the melted butter. Fry the mushroom slices until they are lightly browned on both sides. Drain off any excess butter and chill.




Once the mushrooms are chilled grab a mixing bowl. Break up the cooked seafood, chop the hard boiled eggs and then dump in all the other ingredients. Mix thoroughly. Serve cold on a bed of lettuce, as a lettuce wrap or in a small bowl with a fork.



This is a pretty versatile recipe so play with it.

Have a happy!

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Oven Roasted Asparagus – 1

I grew up on a farm in central Ohio where my mother grew many vegetables. She loved them. Me, not so much. Looking back I now realize that I love veges also, I just don’t like them boiled and she tended to boil most of them. There was a huge asparagus bed that I wish I had now. If only I had known <sigh>.

When I first bought some fresh asparagus a few weeks ago, my intention was to try a recipe  for cheesy asparagus that I had found on facebook. We didn’t like it but I will post that recipe in a few days, I just need to get permission to use a friends pic to go with it since I won’t be making it again.

Today’s recipe is very simple, very quick and supremely tasty. My husband is not a fan of asparagus. At least he wasn’t until I roasted them in the oven. He now thinks of them as snack food. Enough of the babbling, let’s get on to the food shall we.

Oven Roasted Asparagus – 1

fresh asparagus

butter or olive oil

minced garlic

IMG_20160308_185713This only takes about 5 minutes to put together. First you want to preheat your oven to 400F. Now grab a baking sheet and cover it with foil for easy cleanup after. I see no reason to scrub on a pan if I don’t have to.  After your pan is covered, grab your asparagus and trim off the cut end to avoid getting any of the woody part. I usually trim off 1 to 1.5 inches. Now place the asparagus on the foil covered pan in a single layer and quite close together. In a small microwave safe bowl, melt at least a tablespoon of butter. If you plan to use olive oil instead you can skip the melting part and just put the oil in the small bowl. Add in a clove or more of minced garlic and stir. Drizzle the garlic mixture over the asparagus then pop the pan into the oven. Bake it for 15 minutes. Serve immediately for a crunchy yummy side dish or a lovely snack 😀

I really hope that you enjoy this as much as we do.

Have a happy!


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Salisbury Steak – 1


IMG_20160212_181027If you want to be technical, this recipe is actually for phase 2 since it has a bit of lemon juice in it. I also don’t give details on how to make the gravy as my hubby is radically opposed to any non corn starch gravies I have come up with so far. I used packet brown gravy <forgive me>. Most recipes for this call for worcestershire sauce but since I try to avoid soy at all times I had to search for a soy free substitute. I found it and it tastes just perfect.

My friend Jen has made these and here’s what she said about how she did the gravy: “I made the gravy with some of the pan drippings. I caramelized mushrooms then added some water and cream with guar gum to thicken.”

Salisbury Steak – makes 4 steaks

1 lb ground turkey

1 large egg

1 tsp beef bouillon

4 shakes salt

4 shakes pepper

1/2 tsp minced garlic

1 Tbsp lemon juice

3 small shakes of hot sauce – I used Tapatio Salsa Picante Hot Sauce, main ingredient is red peppers


gravy additions

6 good sized mushrooms

a handful of frozen diced onion

IMG_20160212_164527Heat a few tablespoons of your favorite oil <I used avocado oil> in a skillet over a medium heat. Slice the mushrooms and toss them into the hot skillet. Sauté lightly, adding the onion when the mushrooms are half done. When you are finished sautéing remove the veges to a plate or bowl <I use a paper plate because I hate to do dishes>.

While the veges are cooking: In a mixing bowl dump in all the steak ingredients except for the meat. Beat it until everything is mixed well.

IMG_20160212_164342Now add in the meat and mix <I use a serving fork> until its all mixed in. At this point I smooth out the meat mixture, in the bowl, and then using my fork I cut it into fourths.




IMG_20160212_165306Once the veges are done: Form the meat mixture into oval shaped patties, kind of thick. Lay the patties in the hot skillet <add more oil if necessary>. Cook the patties until they are starting to brown then carefully flip them over and brown the other side.



IMG_20160212_170204Once the meat is browned on both sides, add half of the water or broth you will be using to make the gravy with. Toss the veges back into the skillet with the meat. Lower the heat, cover and simmer about 30-45 mins over a low flame.

Finish up the gravy <2 cups of gravy is perfect with 4 steaks> and let thicken. This takes another 15 or so minutes depending o how you do the gravy. Serve with steamed cauliflower <lightly buttered> or cauliflower mash.

I do not know how this will do with ground beef. You might have to increase the seasoning level as beef has a more robust flavor than turkey.

Have a happy!


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MFC – My Fried Chicken – 2

DSCF4126I have been playing with my fried chicken recipe for quite some time now and a couple months ago I came up with this. We have been eating my fried chicken every week since then and we still love it. It makes fantastic wings too! We are now convinced that I have the proportions for my chicken dredge just perfect. We love it. We will never eat at KFC again.

This is not a deep fried type of recipe nor is it truly a pan fried recipe. I only pan fry the meat for a few minutes because we like the skin extra crispy. The rest of the time it goes in the oven. I try to avoid deep frying any foods and I succeed really well. I also try to keep my pan frying to a minimum so I’ve learned to sear foods and then bake them or pop them in the slow cooker instead. Saves me a lot of worry about how many transfats I am causing to be released with my cooking choices. When I do fry I use an appropriate oil, such as avocado oil, and keep the temp well below the smoke point. I know a lot of you fry things in butter but that’s just not how I cook 🙂

MFC aka My Fried Chicken – 2

cooking oil <I use avocado oil>

1/4 C almond flour

1/4 C powdered parmesan cheese

1/8 C fajita seasoning

1 Tbsp dried basil

DSCF4120First grab a ziplock bag, quart size if doing only small pieces or a gallon size if doing larger pieces. Dump in all the dry ingredients and mix well. Be sure to  smoosh out any lumps. Drop in the chicken one piece at a time and shake to get it well coated. Add the oil to a hot pan and swirl to coat the pan well.DSCF4122 Add the chicken, skin side down. I used avocado oil.

Brown the chicken a bit on both sides then lay it on a baking pan that is foil lined and has a rack in it to elevate the chicken. The foil makes it a lot easier for the cleanup and we all know how much I love washing the dishes. Using the rack allows the air to circulate freely so you don’t have to flip the chicken half way through the bake time. I use my cookie cooling rack as it fits my pan just fine. Bake at 350F for 1 1/2 hours. If you are doing only wings or drumsticks you should bake it for just 1 hour.

This makes enough dredge for 1/2 of a chicken, cut up.  If it’s too spicy for you just cut the fajita seasoning amount in half.

I cannot tell you how much we love this chicken. It’s really easy to go over board lol. This also freezes well for reheating later in the microwave or chilling to take on a picnic. Yes, it is even good cold 🙂

Have a happy!

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